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Probably it is September 16





Smoking is absolutely out of it in Sweden! I get out of an underground meeting place many times to an entrance and smoke. And ten smokers always smoked a cigarette there, and it was it in slight society ground. Though was conversation in poor English, is terrible || was happy. After all I say, and a cigarette lies down and is very early tomorrow

I visit you in a Japanese class of a senior high school from noon!
Now popularity has Japan very much, and the students who cannot finish entering seem to gather directly in Sweden for one or two years. However, a person to take has been limited, and now only 4 and today are 3 by relation of a unit when they become a third grader. Christopher and Yuria, Karre.
I have you teach it about and Christopher whom you balance across 4 and a desk including Watanabe, and is in a condition is with a visual system (of course Japanese) fan MALICE MIZER in various ways. And it is a nice guy very! How many times will a heart be what was healed in gentleness of Christopher? Healing system is visual.
How is and YURIA is with a visual system fan, too Umeo? When it hears it, I look down, and it is a word in ennui with "a boring town". After all I want to go to a city.
Though there can be a thing with a lower-grade student, and there is not it from many Japanese shares, KARRE is shy, and a face becomes red immediately. In I was very cute and singing "a flower of SMAP only in the world" with four people for some reason last
A class is over, and have Christopher and YURIA see you to a meeting place || visited the home of you in a house of Christopher to doing a thing and and was unreasonable
It is already a house such as a movie. I was pretty


Video Disco Abrasive Systems has a party in one of the movie festival meeting places at night. I have Ito P advertise it by force. It is participated actively by a catalogue and a program by both hands.
I saw it doing it with director Kurihara with a hot look.